Little Angels Princess Events - Princess Event Packages!
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  $85 *Non Refundable Deposit Reserves 
One Character
'Sparkle Appearance'
   At Your Own Private Location!
       ($100 Balance paid on Following Page)...
                 Package includes:                           
  *Surprise Gift for the Birthday Girl
*Story Time
*Glitter Tattoos 
*Nail Polishing 
*Full Participation in Event-2 Hours

 $300/$150 Deposit   
 Reserves Two Characters for      
        'Sparkle Appearance'                    

*Cancellations may be Rescheduled at No Charge
Gratuities May be accepted for Exceptional 
'Royal' Service!

     Our Cast Includes:
          Island Princess           

Frozen Princess Sisters
Ice Man
Littlest Princess
 Beauty Princess
Mermaid  Princess
Latina Princess Sisters
 Long Locks Princess
 Glass Slipper Princess
 Sweet Dreams Princess
Bayou Princess
Indian Princess
 Warrior Princess
 Arabian Princess
Dwarf's Princess
 BRAVE Princess
Gypsy Princess
Fairy Godmother Princess
Fairy Princess
Prince Charming
Arabian Prince
Slim Ryder
Peter Pan
Alice In Wonderland
Mad Hatter
Cheshire Cat
Josh The Pirate and Lizzy
 Doc McCuddles

**$50 Travel Fee Applied 35+ miles outside of
                                 Mays Landing, NJ